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Our dedicated team is here to help you modernize your network. Our flexible solutions are compatible with the various network configurations across the US and Canada and are scalable to evolve with your system and business requirements. 

NWP Master Relay
NWP Master Relay
The primary functions of the DIGITALGRID Master Relay are to control network protector operations and provide communications back to the electric utility. This integrated device streamlines control and communications, eliminating the need for ancillary devices and equipment.
Integrated capabilities include:
  • Arc flash detection and response with our Safe Service Mode (SSM) feature

  • Advanced surge protection and dual micro-processors for high reliability

  • Submersible and withstanding harsh environments

  • Two-way, remote & local, control and communication

Compatible with your network:
  • Can be incorporated into your existing Power Line Carrier (PLC), fiber, wireless, and copper-based systems

  • Supports all existing NWP styles, including grounded and ungrounded requirements

  • Supports up to 12 digital and analog sensor inputs for NWP and/or vault parameters
Customize your configuration:
  • Can be configured as sequence-based or power-based

  • Access and analyze specific situational event data

  • Customize relay settings for operational use

  • Supports numerous industry communications protocols


DG-6001 Series
DIGITALGRID Master Relays for Westinghouse-style NWP

DG-6011 Series

DIGITALGRID Master Relays for
GE-style network protectors

Continuously monitor underground equipment and environments remotely to minimize crews having to enter the vault, pump the vault, or take manual readings. 

Internal NWP Sensors

Our solutions continuously monitor the following NWP parameters and include:

  • Integrated internal NWP pressure sensor,

  • Integrated internal NWP temperature sensor,

  • NWP Water Sensor to detect water intrusion inside the NWP,

  • Liquid Level Sensor to detect the presence of liquid inside a NWP such as an oil leak, and

  • Anti-Pump Sensor to monitor the NWP close motor and prevent premature motor failure.


Simplified wiring


The internal NWP sensors are directly connected to the NWP Master Relay via an integrated wire harness on the face of the Relay - eliminating the need for external terminal blocks, simplifying wiring requirements, and reducing installation errors.

Vault, Transformer Main Tank, & Primary Switch Sensors

At a glance, our Relay processes sensors that are installed external to the NWP to monitor conditions of a transformer, primary switch, and vault. Our sensors monitor several parameters, including oil levels, dissolved gas, pressure, temperature, and others.

These external sensors connect onto the system via the DIGITALGRID Smart External Cable which serves as a submersible interface between electronic equipment installed external to the NWP and DIGITALGRID Master Relay.

Smart External Cable and sensors installation

Whitepaper  |  "Electric utilities monitor hydrogen levels in network transformer and primary switch to detect fault conditions early"

Unusual hydrogen levels are a primary indicator that a dangerous condition is developing such as overheating, sparking, or arcing. 

This whitepaper describes how utilities can monitor hydrogen levels to stay ahead of dangerous conditions.

Manhole Monitoring
Manhole Monitoring
Monitor your secondary cable parameters with the DIGITALGRID Remote Note Collector (RNC) and Current Sensors.

Remote Node Collector (RNC)

Monitors up to 36 sensors (analog or digital inputs) such as secondary cable monitoring, manhole temperature sensors, etc.


Current Sensors

Support up to 500 Amp or up to 1,000 Amp detection

Substation Products
Substation Products
Interface with SCADA via DNP for network monitoring & control

Substation Receiver

The DIGITALGRID Substation Receiver is a two-way device that can receive commands from SCADA via DNP to collect or sends requests to the DIGITALGRID NWP Relay.


One receiver is typically needed per network.


Feeder Sensor Device

This Feeder Sensor Device passively connects to the feeder to allow for communications to the NWP Master Relay.

Only one Feeder Sensor Device is needed per feeder.

Data Analytics & Software Solutions
Data Analytics &
Software Solutions
View, manage, and analyze your network data across your DIGITALGRID Control and Monitoring System

Optimize asset planning and reduce O&M spend

Without monitoring solutions, utilities typically schedule routine maintenance based on a fixed time interval. However, this approach can be risky if fault conditions develop between scheduled maintenance periods.

Instead, DIGITALGRID Monitoring Solutions allow for continuous analysis. We deliver this data back to a dashboard, allowing a utility to monitor their equipment remotely without having field service technicians enter the vault. If technicians will need to enter a vault to perform maintenance, DIGITALGRID Safe Service Mode can add a layer of protection against arc flash.


Monitor and control equipment remotely or locally with DIGITALGRID NCS Server Suite

SQL Server-Based Applications

In addition to controlling your DIGITALGRID Master Relay, you can also manage, view, analyze, and report on secondary network data with our SQL Server-based applications.

Data Management Approaches

​Choose how you want to manage your data:

  1. Leverage Utility's SCADA for control & monitoring via DNP

  2. Install the DIGITALGRID software suite on a server-based system that is owned and maintained by the Utility

  3. Utilize a web-based system via DIGITALGRID data center

Custom Reporting

We offer 15 different custom reports that allow utilities to see a top-view of their network as well as drill down to specific vault conditions. We also work with our customers to create custom reports that meet their operational requirements.

Example Deployments
Bring together Control & Monitoring capabilities
Add two-way control and communications capabilities across your existing fiber, wireless, power line carrier (PLC), or copper-based system.

Your Infrastructure with Two-Way Control and Communications

Each utility has different technology requirements, infrastructure, and system configurations. Regardless of your existing or planned infrastructure, DIGITALGRID can help you modernize your control and communications systems. 

DIGITALGRID NWP Master Relays and sensors are compatible across fiber, copper, wireless, or power line carrier (PLC) systems. For PLC systems, a utility would utilize a DIGITALGRID Substation Receiver. For a fiber-based system, a utility would utilize a DIGITALGRID Vault Communcations Device. 

Fiber-based system

Full Fiber Deployment Showing DIGITALGRID Vault Communications Device

DIGITALGRID designed the communications system, provided control & monitoring equipment, spliced and tested fiber terminations, and commissioned the system to enable DNP communications with SCADA.

Power Line Carrier system

Power Line Carrier Deployment Showing Two DIGITALGRID Substation Receivers

DIGITALGRID helped a utility add two-way control and communications to their power line carrier system. Only one receiver is required per network.

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